We provide and implement new technologies using advanced products to deliver superior powder coating and sandblasting services utilizing a quality management system that conforms to ISO 9001.

We are an environment friendly company using the following equipment;

• Low Nox. Low emission natural gas burner.

• Electrostatic powder spray system .

• Cutting edge filtration system.

• Media blast System conforms to APCD.

We operate with two natural gas ovens, (L 33ft x W 8ft H 10ft) and (L 24ft x W 8ft x H 10ft), and one sandblasting booth, (L 28ft x W 12ft x H 10ft). Thus, we can accommodate small to large projects with our successfully experienced staff and flexible scheduling to suit customer's specifications and delivery schedules.

Benefits of Powder Coating

  • Tough

  • Durable

  • Attractive and Colorful – choose from hundreds of basic, metallic and specialty colors

  • High quality powder coating paint

  • Versatile

  • Think GREEN! Powder coating is environmentally friendly

  • Powder coating is an advanced finishing process for all type of steel, aluminum, brass copper and or silver. It is being sought after by consumers and industries because it provides high quality protection and décor to their products.

  • We offer endless Thermoset powder coating colors.

  • Industrial and custom, interior and / or exterior.

  • We also offer Thermoplastic powder coating ( Plascoat) for industrial use:

  • ( Fencing, posts, water pipes, Valves )

  • Indoor sandblasting system, 8ft x 24ft x 10ft to accommodate small to large size projects.

We operate with

  • Electrostatic Powder Coating System

  • Low Emission Natural Gas Ovens

  • Media Sandblast System

  • Flame Spray Metalizing